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Air Distribution Systems

Air is an element that surrounds us all of our lives. People spend two-thirds of their time in enclosed spaces, mainly at their workplaces.

So high air quality and comfortable temperatures in enclosed spaces are particularly important because they make a big difference to our well-being. They make for a better workplace climate, protect people from pollutants, safeguard processes in manifold manufacturing sectors and guarantee the production of highly sensitive high-tech components, in clean rooms for example.

Cooling and Heating Systems

Cooling and heating systems provide both versatile and economic solutions for different types of buildings and usage as well as for individual requirements.

Krantz Components has been an expert on HVAC systems for more than 40 years; for more than 20 years now it has also been a leading manufacturer of innovative products for cooling ceilings.

Filter Systems and Dampers

Krantz designs, manufactures and sells Filter Systems and Dampers for HVAC systems in areas with highest tightness requirements as nuclear facilities, bio-safety laboratories, isolation wards, decommissioning of chemical weapons etc.

Filter Systems:

Krantz offers a wide range of filter systems for applications with high tightness requirements, like:

HEPA filter systems
Re-cleanable HEPA filter systems
HEPA filter air outlets
Duct filters
Filter walls
Mobile filter systems
In-cell filters
Sorption filter systems
Sorption filter elements
Sorption cartridge filters


Krantz offers a wide range of dampers for applications with high tightness requirements, like:

Gastight dampers acc. DIN 25 496
Air flow controllers
Pressure relief dampers
Louver dampers

Special Technologies

The division Krantz Special Technologies is responsible within the STEAG Energy Services for the business areas of nuclear technology, process air technology and specialized technical solutions.

This includes three nuclear and conventional business units:

Thanks to over 40 years of experience in planning, installation and maintenance of air distribution systems in, for example nuclear power stations and laboratories, Krantz Special Technologies is able to serve the entire life cycle fulfilling the highest requirements and quality standards.

As a result of the focus on specialized solutions for very sensible areas with exceptional high requirements, the nuclear industry became a very important client sector. Krantz Special Technologies participated in the construction of many nuclear power plants and hence gained comprehensive in depth knowledge, which can also be utilized for the dismantling of nuclear power stations.

Modernization in processes and new materials regarding the industrial production lead to increasing requirements in quality standards and the distribution of the air as well as on the waste gas collection and purification systems. Normal market standard ventilation and filter systems often reach their limitations.

Our clients appreciate high flexibility and demand orientated solutions, characterized by the uppermost quality and operational safety standards, due to our own Research and Development Center and our manufacturing capabilities of special components.

In close cooperation with our clients, Krantz Special Technologies develops at a concept stage the best suited technologies, which then will be implemented by highly qualified engineers according to the specific requirements.

Our service personnel ensures operational safety in nearly all major German nuclear power stations around the year – another confirmation of our high quality. The division Krantz Special Technologies obtained the “Approval for activities in third-party systems or installations in accordance with §15 Radiation Protection Ordinance (StrlSchV)”.

All our employees in the technology and installation area are accounted for according to §12 Atomic Energy Act, and are in the possession of radiation passes (§40 StrlSchV)

Our service and product spectrum is supplemented by specialized solutions for conventional technical installations, e.g.

Clean Air Solutions

Clean air is one of the fundamental preconditions for the preservation of life. That is why keeping the air clean is a most important task for maintaining our quality of life. Growing environmental awareness has led to ever more stringent regulations on the prevention of air pollution which can be complied with only by using state-of-the-art Clean Air Technologies and systems.

Krantz Clean Air Solutions deals with environment-related processes, in particular with the treatment of industrial exhaust air laden with hydrocarbons. On the basis of decades of experience in this field, we design exhaust air treatment systems that meet the specific requirements of our individual customers and we supply our Industrial Air Solutions throughout the world.

Our system technology of Clean Air Solutions is based on thermal afterburning, i.e. oxidation of hydrocarbons to carbon dioxide and water. Among all exhaust air treatment systems applied for the treatment of exhaust air contaminated with hydrocarbons, thermal afterburning systems achieve the highest destruction yields and meet the strictest emission limits.