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Development Examples


We look into the future for you

Krantz uses latest software programs to precisely calculate in advance the behavior of air flows and temperatures within buildings. Normally, we look at large volume rooms such as assembly halls, theaters, concert halls, airport terminals or atria by means of numeric simulations.

Those simulations always have health promoting or even life-saving effects, when it comes to smoke exhaust scenarios or the natural ventilation of power plants.

  • simulation for determination of room temperature gradient with mechanical or natural ventilation
  • simulation for determination of comfort parameters like: indoor air velocity, supply air temperature, temperature distribution, radiation impact, etc.
  • calculation of ventilation effectiveness or local air exchange rates
  • evaluation of measures for façade-screening
  • energetic system comparisons
  • simulation of airflow around buildings, suction situations at buildings, spread of emissions
  • examination of smoke exhaust scenarios

Development of components

Innovative solutions call for laboratory tests

The range of products and systems includes air outlets for commercial and industrial applications, cooling and heating systems, facade-mounted ventilation systems as well as cleanroom systems.

Products used:

Adjustable radial outlet with core tube RA-V2

For high air flow rates and great discharge heights, with self-acting thermostatic control unit.

Opticlean OC-Q

The Opticlean can be integrated in an unobtrusive manner into various types of ceiling system. Its mode of operation is such that it prevents the room ceiling from becoming dirty.

Displacement ventilation for indoor firing ranges VA-RSA

The system is designed to ensure an extensive supply air distribution into indoor firing ranges.

Conical displacement outlet VA-K

Low-turbulence displacement flow for halls where supply air must be discharged from a great height.

System Development and Monitoring

Planning in different dimensions

The building technology for large objects needs to be holistically planned, that means under the consideration of all factors. Ventilation technology for example is not only about the supply of outdoor air, but additionally about heating and cooling. Attention must also be paid to the shielding of façade surfaces, such that a comfortable atmosphere at the workplaces is guaranteed at any time of the year.

Krantz delivers reliable statements already in the planning-phase – by computer-aided simulations and descriptive laboratory tests.